lundi, janvier 08, 2007

Actualité - US Peace Activists in Cuba

Havana, Jan 8 (Prensa Latina) - Washington s hegemonic pretensions and warmongering are part of an institutional policy that involves both republicans and democrats, US pacifists visiting Cuba have denounced.

The humanitarian activists lashed at US power sectors that are making a large fortune from wars.

According to Medea Benjamin, cofounder of the women s peace group CODEPINK, who came to Cuba on Saturday along with Cindy Sheehan and other US pacifists, it is strange that democrats say they want to end the war in Iraq, but will approve over $100 billion more for that armed conflict.

The US delegation is slated to move to eastern Guantanamo province to stage a vigil around the naval base that Washington keeps in that zone against the will of the Cubans.

In Guantanamo, a lawyer member of the group and an expert in legal issues will deliver a speech on the conditions at that detention center, which he has previously denounced before the US Supreme Court.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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