samedi, décembre 02, 2006

Actualité - US Resistance Grows to Iraq war

Baghdad, Dec 2 (Prensa Latina) - Iraqi rebels furthered actions with an attack on the center of Baghdad with three car bomb explosion that left about fifty people wounded.

The number of mortal victims range from 40 to 50 and over 80 were wounded, according to the first information of sources in the Iraqi capital.

The bombs were about 100 yards from the busy al-Sadriyah shopping district and exploded nearly simultaneously, according to police Lt. Ali Muhsin.

At least 10 other parked vehicles were destroyed in the area, where vendors sell fruit, vegetables and other items.

Elsewhere in Baghdad, gunmen attacked the main gate of Yarmouk Hospital, killing one policeman and wounding three, and the bodies of 12 people who had been handcuffed and shot to death were found by police, they said.

Violence also occurred north and south of Baghdad on Saturday.

The situation in Iraq becomes more complicated every day as US President George W. Bush recently admitted in Washington.

In his traditional Saturday radio message the dignitary admitted that many US citizens ask about the next step to follow and that the work the Armed Forces have ahead won't be easy.

Bush added the success of the Iraqi government depends on the security forces, strengthening of democratic institutions and the promotion of national reconciliation.

"Our decisions regarding Iraq will have a great impact in the Middle East. A failure in Iraq will make bolder extremists that hate and deeply hope to vanquish us," added Bush.

His administration will butt heads now in Congress with the appointment of a Congressman opposed to the Iraq war leading the US House of Representative Intelligence Committee.

Reyes was deeply backed by the president of the House of Representative Nancy Pelosi who is also opposed to the Iraq war.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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