lundi, janvier 22, 2007

Actualité - Venezuela Warns of Violent Plans

Caracas, Jan 22 (Prensa Latina) - A plan to escalate violence in Venezuela with support from overseas is being concocted as response to the official refusal to renew the contract of RCTV Channel on May 27.

President Hugo Chavez denounced RCTV Channels unlawful behavior with the release of subliminal propaganda and its support of the April 2002 48-hour coup.

A column in VEA newspaper signed by Marciano adds that RCTV owner Marcel Granier is trying to replace the governor of Zulia, ex presidential candidate Manuel Rosales as leader of the opposition.

Marciano has been calling "Plan de Mayo" meetings at hotels and other venues as encouraged by "plenty of money and fantasy."

The opposition plans to organize marches and disturbances using so-called freedom of speech as pretext, joining a campaign from overseas led by the Inter-American Press Society.

They involve contacts in Miami, in Spain with pro-fascist groups linked to the Popular Party of Jose Maria Aznar and Colombian paramilitary groups.

VEA also talks of provocation like wiretapping Movimiento V Republica officials to affect the constitutional reforms announced by Chavez to embrace socialist development.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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