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Actualité - Les États-Unis et l'Europe suivent Israël et le Canada et bloquent l'aide au peuple palestinien

Franc-Parler dénonce la politique criminelle des États-Unis, de l'Europe, du Canada et d'Israel qui attaquent le nouveau gouvernement palestinien. Ce type de d'attaques contre la conscience et les droits démocratiques du peuple palestinien démontre toute l'arrogance de la politique de fauteur de guerre de ces gouvernements.

Les tentatives d'ingérence du Canada, de l'Union européenne et des États-Unis en tête n'augure rien de bon pour le peuple palestinien. Dans une tentative de saper la démocratie palestinienne, l'histoire a prouvé que l'impérialisme et le sionisme sont capable de tout pour arriver à leurs fins. L'ingérence dans les affaires des autres nations est devenu la ligne en politique étrangère au nom de la "responsabilité de protéger". Cela ne peut et ne doit passer!

While keeping mum on the ongoing Israeli destruction of Palestinian infrastructure and killing of Palestinians, the US and EU on Friday joined Israel and Canada in the economic and diplomatic war against the Hamas-led Cabinet, in an apparent attempt to sow divide and instigate conflict between the presidency and premiership and incite Palestinians against their leadership, a move condemned by both President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minsiter Ismael Haniyeh as a collective punishment and blackmail.

“The Palestinian people should not be punished for their democratic choice,” Abbas told reporters in Gaza on Friday.By cutting the aid, the United States and European Union (EU) were “punishing all the people, workers and families,” Abbas added.

“We cannot say to the Palestinians that it is good to be democratic and at the same time we punish you,” Abbas said. “The EU must find a mechanism to get aid to the Palestinian people, and at this time we are discussing such a mechanism.”

Referring to Israel, Abbas said: “I'm afraid they will boycott me. If they do not deal with me, I cannot do anything.”Similarly Haniyeh said the US and EU move was “hasty,” “unjust,” and “punishing the Palestinian people.”

“They (US and EU) are not punishing the government, but they are punishing the Palestinian people for their democratic choice,” the prime minister said.

“These decisions were hasty and unjust. The world should respect the choice of the Palestinian people,” Haniyeh said in a press conference following a meeting with Abbas in Gaza city.

“Putting obstacles before the government would never be useful for the entire region,” Haniyeh warned, adding: “Failure is not in our dictionary, we will keep acting for the coming four years.”Haniyeh said the EU's move would backfire.

“This decision will strengthen the Palestinian people's support for the government because they will feel the government is being targeted because it wanted to protect their rights,” he said.

Palestinian Foreign Minister, Mahmoud al-Zahar, voiced similar wraning: “I am afraid it may wreck the credibility of the European Union in the Arab and Islamic world ... The conditions made in return for the aid were unjust,” he told Reuters.

A spokesman for the Hamas government said the decision to suspend aid was a form of “blackmail” that would harm the Palestinian people.

Abbas, Haniyeh Avert Inter-Palestinian Crisis

Abbas and Haniyeh met in Gaza on Friday. After the meeting, Abbas confirmed that Haniyeh’s government will be “absolutely” authorized to carry out its mandate according to the Palestinian Basic Law, because it is “our government and its our duty to ensure its success,” he said according the official news agency WAFA.

However Haniyeh’s government was urged by the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) on Thursday to commit to the PLO’s political program and commitments.

The PLO leadership “would like to reconfirm that the new government should quickly give the maximum importance to confirm its commitment to the national invariables, the program of the national consensus, and the PLO as the legitimate and sole representative of the Palestinian people,” the Executive Committee said in a statement following the meeting, which was chaired by Abbas.

Haniyeh’s government should also “announce its commitment to all the international agreements signed by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), the Arab peace initiative, and the United Nations resolutions, to affirm our commitment to the UN Charter, because the current position of the government is unclear and its statements are contradictory, which gives Israel and those who stand behind it a pretext to impose siege on our people and to obstruct the efforts of the world community to end the Israeli occupation and colonization of our land,” the statement said.

To ensure national unity and stable administration, the PLO urged the new government to carry out its mandate as stipulated by the Basic Law.

Separately Abbas said that Hamas should change. “If they do not change, nobody will deal with them,” he said Thursday evening at the seaside presidential compound in Gaza.

No "Shadow Government"

Abbas last week issued decrees that were interpreted by media as curbing the authority of Haniyeh’s government, which raised speculations that Abbas and the former ruling Fatah movement were setting up a “shadow government.”

“After a couple of months, Abbas will find himself forming a shadow government. This will be an alternative government, and at this point, differences between the two governments will begin to show, and the situation will be destabilized,” the Editor-in-Chief of the Palestinian Ma'an news agency wrote on April 5.

The London-based pan-Arab newspaper, Al Hayat, said that some of the Palestinian officials in Fatah started discussing this idea in a serious way.

“There are attempts to create parallel frameworks to some ministries in the Palestinian government,” Haniyeh told The Associated Press last week.

Abbas issued a presidential decree Wednesday putting the General Administration for Crossings and Borders department under his direct responsibility.

Officials close to Abbas said he had been under pressure from the European Union, which threatened to withdraw its monitors from the key Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt in response to Hamas' political rise, Haaretz reported Friday.

“Administration of the crossing points and borders will fall directly under the jurisdiction of the president,” said a statement from Abbas' office. “It is an independent administration in terms of finance, commerce and in security.”

The next day Abbas ordered a Fatah senior security executive, Rashid Abu Shbak, to head three security agencies, including Preventive Security, that fall under new Interior Minister Said Siyam, in addition to agencies already under the president's aegis.

Though Siyam would technically be Abu Shbak's boss, any dispute between the two would be resolved in the Abbas-headed National Security Council.

Abu Shbak said he was authorized to hire and fire officers in the three security branches. “Any recruitment of directors or deputy directors for any of the three services will be made through me,” he was quoted as saying.

Abbas on Thursday also ordered that all diplomatic statements and dealings be coordinated with the PLO, the signatory to the Oslo agreement. The PLO, which Abbas heads, ordered the Hamas-led Foreign Ministry to coordinate with it before making major pronouncements on diplomatic policy.

On Wednesday, the Hamas cabinet announced it was freezing ministerial appointments made by the previous government - and by Abbas - pending their review.“Any attempt to reduce the authorities of the government will harm its performance and its ability to carry out its duties,” said cabinet spokesman Ghazi Hamad.

Abbas, Haniyeg Pledge Cooperation, Integration

However, after their meeting in Gaza Friday, Abbas and Haniyeh dispelled speculation about a “shadow government” and pledged cooperation and integration between the the Palesrtinian presidency and premiership.

Haniyeh told a press conference in Gaza that Abbas’ presidential chief of staff and the secretary general of the his government will set up a coordinating body to resolve the disputes over authority.

“We still stick to the political platform of the government, but we said we would deal openly with anything offered to us,” he said, adding: “But this should be within the framework of protecting our people's legitimate rights.”

He categorically denied rumors about a “shadow government.”

“We agreed to form a joint team, which will be headed by bureau chiefs of the prime minister and the president, to deal with disagreement between the two sides,” he announced.

Haniyeh added that he and Abbas agreed to work together to solve the Palestinians urgent problems.

“There will be cooperation between the President and the Cabinet to find solutions to the current financial crisis and the policies that prolong the suffering of the people,” he said.

The presidency and the government will be integrated, he said.

Hamas Government Besieged

Haniyeh’s government is struggling to survive both on the internal and external fronts. In addition to the Israeli military escalation, Israel, the US, EU and Canada are launching an economic war and imposing a political and diplomatic siege on his government.

Israeli aircraft fired missiles into the southern Gaza town of Rafah, on the border with Egypt on Friday, killing five Palestinian men, including anti-occupation activist Iyad Abu al-Aynin and his 5-year old daughter, and wounding 15, three of critically, Palestinian security officials said.

Ghazi Hamad, a spokesman for Hamas-led government, called the attack a “brutal massacre.”

“Maybe it's an important message to the president (Abbas) today that Israel is not interested in peace or political compromises,” he said.

Overnight Friday the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) extra-judicially killed Wafaa Yaeesh, 22, and wounded four relatives in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

The IOF on Tuesday indiscriminately shelled the northern Gaza Strip, killing two Palestinian men: Khaled Abu Shammas and Abdullah Da’alseh, 47, and wounding several others two of them critically, including a toddler and 4 children.

Overnight on Thursday, Israeli helicopters attacked several targets in the Gaza Strip, including offices of the Fatah movement.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) said three Palestinians, including a child, were killed by IOF since 30 March- 05 April 2006.

The latest deaths raised the Palestinian death toll to more than 4,059 since the outbreak of the Al Aqsa Intifada (uprising) on September 28, 2000 against the 39-year old Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967.

On Tuesday President Abbas condemned an IOF air strike on the presidential compound in Gaza City, which destroyed a helicopter pad and wounded two policemen.

1,000 shells fired at Gaza Strip within week, Ynet reported Friday, destroying or damaging infrastructure.

FIFA said Friday it was considering possible action over an Israeli air strike last week on a soccer field in the Gaza Strip.

Jerome Champagne, FIFA deputy general secretary in charge of political issues, said it was a “direct” strike “without any reason” and that the field was not being used by Palestinians as a missile launching pad, as Israel's ambassador to Switzerland had originally claimed.

The US, EU and Canada are keeping mum on the Israeli shelling, along with additional attacks by air and sea, as part of an operation the IOF has dubbed “Southern Arrow,” allegedly launched unsuccessfully to reduce attacks by the primitive homemade Palestinian Qassam rockets, which caused no casulties.

Israel’s Military Escalation Supported by Economic War

The Israeli military escalation is supported by western diplomatic and economic war. However, The EU-US economic siege predates Hamas’ assumption of power.

Haniya told the first meeting of his cabinet on Wednesday that the government is facing a severe financial crisis, saying, “The Ministry of Finance has inherited an entirely empty treasury, in addition to the debts of the ministry and the government in general,” he said.

The US and EU cuts of aid on Friday were part of “economic war,” Hamas government said.

“This is part of the announced economic war because we have chosen the path of democracy,” said Palestinian Finance Minister Omar Abdel-Razeq.

The World Bank had warned that projected cuts in economic aid to Palestinians once Hamas forms the Palestinian government could cause a deep economic depression in the Palestinian territories.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned Thursday that financial strangling of the PNA has plunged the Palestinians living under occupation into a dramatic health crisis.United Nations officials and UNRWA have warned that the Gaza Strip could face a humanitarian crisis of major proportions.

The international aid agency Oxfam on Friday slammed a European Union decision to suspend all direct aid to the Palestinian government.

“Whatever the politics of such a decision, it would be ordinary people who would suffer the consequences. Cutting aid now would undermine already fragile local institutions and only hurt ordinary people,” Oxfam said in a statement.

The United States will cancel or suspend up to $411 million in Palestinian aid out of concern the money could help the new Hamas-led government, the US State Department announced Friday.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice justified the move: “The new Palestinian government must take responsibility for the consequences of its policies.”

US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the cutoff came as Hamas has not complied with demands that it reject violence and acknowledge Israel's right to exist.

The European Union's executive office on Friday also cut off direct aid payments to the Palestinian government.

European Commission spokeswoman, Emma Udwin, told reporters in Brussels that Hamas had not yet met the international community's conditions, which include a call for Hamas toaccept past peace agreements with Israel.

“For the time being, there are no payments to or through the Palestinian Authority,” Udwin said on Friday.

Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Mark Regev voiced similar view to AFP: “The Palestinian leadership has no one to blame for this international isolation but itself through its stubborness, short-sightedness and extremism.

(Palestine Media Center)

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