mardi, septembre 26, 2006

Actualité - Shouts of Freedom for the Five shake the streets of Washington

Franc-Parler publie ce texte sur les cinq prisonniers politiques cubains emprisonnés présentement aux États-Unis. La lutte sans relâche pour leur libération se poursuit. Même le peuple américain se range de leur côté pour décrier les injustices faites par leur en leur nom.

"WE have participated in a historic event," expressed participants of the march that covered more than three kilometers of downtown Washington this Saturday, in support of the cause of the five Cubans who have been imprisoned in the United States for eight years for fighting terrorism.

With constant shouts of "Free, Free the Cuban Five" in what was the first event of this kind in the United States demanding their release, the protesters joined the World Solidarity Campaign currently underway for this cause.

In statements to Granma, activists Gloria la Riva and Andrés Gómez specified that the march consisted of contingents from the cities of New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Ft. Lauderdale, as well as from the states of Ohio, New Jersey, Maine, Connecticut, new Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee and Kentucky, among others. "But the largest presence was from the Cuban community of Miami, Tampa and Cayo Hueso," they reported.

The peaceful protesters also condemned the Bush administration’s intention to release terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, and stayed outside of the White House for about an hour.

(Granma International)

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