mardi, octobre 10, 2006

Actualité - Iran: Atomic Program Continues

Tehran, Oct 10 (Prensa Latina) - Iran will continue efforts to master an atomic program despite UN sanctions, President Mahmud Ahmadinejad declared Tuesday.

The statements relate to the five permanent members´ decision to remit the Iranian refusal to stop uranium enrichment to the Security Council.

Germany proposed halting the atomic program in exchange for economic and commercial facilities, but Iran considers the offer ambiguous and insufficient.

Ahmadinejad told Irna News Agency that his government relies on the formula: resistance equals victory, and noted the western powers have long “done everything they could against us”.

The president was alluding to the freezing of Iranian assets in US banks, listing the country as part of the "evil axis", making unproven charges of terrorism, in addition to an economic and scientific embargo.

Iran calls its atomic program key for its development plans and denies attempts to develop weapons of mass destruction, as the US and UK sustain.

Russia and China oppose sanctions against Iran, and France remains cautious.

This crisis grew worse last week with the failed negotiations between European Union Commissioner Javier Solana and Ali Larijani, Iran's top negotiator.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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