vendredi, mai 04, 2007

Actualité - Cuba holds the United States responsible for new criminal hijacking attempt


IN the early morning of Thursday, May 3, two individuals were arrested after they tried to take over a civilian airplane with the purpose of traveling to the United States.

In order to do so, they hijacked a public city bus, took several passengers hostage and used the vehicle to burst into Terminal No. 1, for domestic flights, at José Mart International Airport, where they boarded a parked aircraft that had neither crew nor passengers in it.

Once inside the airplane, the murderers killed with four shots one of the hostages, Lieutenant Colonel Víctor Ibo Acuña Velázquez of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), who despite being unarmed, heroically tried to prevent the terrorist action from being carried out.

Effective and coordinated action by police made it possible to thwart the intentions of the hijackers and save the lives of the other hostages.

The captured criminals are the last two perpetrators and fugitives of the law since April 29, responsible for killing an active duty soldier, Yoendris Gutiérrez Hernández, while he was on guard duty at a FAR unit, and wounding another soldier.

On that occasion, these individuals, who were also on active military service in the same unit, fled with two AK rifles, causing the deployment of an intense operation, with measures taken to avoid further victims.

Authorities had, at all times, the most decisive support of the population in the area, facilitating the rapid arrest of another perpetrator of the events, who revealed that their purpose was to leave the country illegally.

Once again, this demonstrates the criminal nature of the so-called Cuban Adjustment Act, a law that encourages vandalistic and criminal actions.

It is on the top authorities of the United States that the responsibility falls for these most recent crimes, which add to the long list of acts of terror to which Cuba has been victim for almost half a century, now further encouraged by the release of a monster of terrorism.

Ministry of the Interior

(Granma International)

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