lundi, mai 07, 2007

Actualité - Will Sarkozy Unite or Split France?

Paris, May 7 - Unity or fragmentation, that is the question for France, after the victory of conservative Nicolas Sarkozy in the presidential elections, amid nationwide skepticism and euphoria.

The president elect, feared for his radical tendencies, but recognized for his intelligence and work capacity, is called to make a turn in the country s history.

The problem will be to see whether Sarkozy follows the course of a reformer committed to his people, or responds to the interests of powerful classes, former candidate of the Revolutionary Communist League, Olivier Besancenot, stated.

Sarkosy was elected French president Sunday with 53.06 percent of votes, as opposed to the 46.94 percent obtained by socialist Senegole Royal.

Several analysts expressed satisfaction with the 85 percent attendance at the polls, and said they were confident the people will accept results.

However, right after Sarkozy s electoral win was announced, clashes were reported in more than ten French cities, with 270 people arrested and 367 cars burned, according to police.

In the capital, young protestors gathered at the Bastille Plaza and threw stones at police agents, who pushed them back with teargas and water cannons.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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