dimanche, octobre 01, 2006

Actualité - Strong Troops Movement in Oaxaca

Mexico, Oct 1 (Prensa Latina) - A strong concentration of troops and military devices in important places near Oaxaca city was reported Sunday as part of the tense situation Mexico is living in the last few hours.

After planes overflew Oaxaca´s capital, at least 10 Puma helicopters and two Mexican Army transportation aircrafts were parked at the Salina Cruz naval heliport in the international airport and in Huatulco Bay.

According to news broadcasts by local media there are also an indeterminate number of armoured personnel carriers, tank commandos, four-wheel vehicles and Marine Corps.

The troop movement is considered by the Teachers´ Union and Oaxaca People's Popular Assembly (APPO) the prelude to the announced federal forces intervention, as solution to the conflict that now has 131 days.

The staff of the Oaxaca International Airport Benito Juarez reported the helicopters unexpectedly landed Saturday afternoon carrying hundreds of Marines, adding also a CASA C-212 airplane used for detection and identification.

The APPO urged the Interior Secretary Carlos Abascal to discuss and temporarily sign the Pact of Gobernability, Peace and Development of Oaxaca state.

Leaders of the organization denounced the overfly clearly proved the police operation that draws near and called president Vicente Fox and the state executive Ulises Ruiz guilty of repression demanding his resignation.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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