dimanche, novembre 19, 2006

Actualité - Bolivia Shapes New State

La Paz, Nov 19 (Prensa Latina) - The approval of a debate regulation has challenged the Bolivian Constituent Assembly to shape a new multinational State without exclusions amid the threat of regional authorities to divide the country.

Representative of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) Raul Prada considers that the setting of absolute majority for the endorsement of the articles and two thirds for the final text of the future Constitution, the background matter of creating a new Republic comes up.

That project, he stated, must start from the present crisis within the relation colonial-State and society and must meet the demands of the social movements to restructure a country recognizing diversity and the multiple institutional forms.

According to Prada, the late State and its archaic institutions were plunged into crisis, excluded the regions and the native peoples and finally sparked violence.

So, it is not surprising that since its beginning, on August 6 in the southern city of Sucre, the Constituent Assembly has been hounded by conservative sectors and powerful groups intended to make it work under the old models.

Prada asserted that since the social revolution leading to the defeat of the ex-dignitary Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada in 2003, the old system and the traditional parties supporting it also collapsed.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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