mardi, novembre 14, 2006

Actualité - Rumsfeld Summoned for War Crimes

Berlin, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) - A group of international lawyers charged former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Tuesday for atrocities committed by US soldiers in Iraq and the illegal Guantanamo Base, Cuba.

The lawyers presented a 220-page document to Germany´s federal Attorney General Monika Harms, local press reported.

The demand calls for Harms to open an investigation and then a trial against top US officials for war crimes committed in the framework of the so called anti-terror war.

The accusation is based on denunciations of tortures on at least eleven prisoners at the Abu Ghraib jail, in Baghdad´s outskirts, and one prisoner at the Guantanamo base, in Cuba´s easternmost tip.

The violent methods used to obtain information during the interrogations were indirectly admitted by the White House, by recognizing the existence of the program known as Rendition.

German lawyers had previously presented fruitless accusations against top US officials, but they hope to have success this time, after Rumsfeld´s resignation amid the Republican failure in the recent midterm elections in United States.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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