samedi, décembre 09, 2006

Actualité - New Page in Mexican Oaxaca Conflict

Mexico, Dec 8 (Prensa Latina) - The APPO (Oaxaca People´s Assembly) should restart on Friday the dialogue with the Government Secretary´s Office to define agreements that favor a solution to the conflict in that Mexican state.

However, leaders of the social movement warned that if there are no guarantees from the government, the teachers will restart a strike for an indefinite period.

Members of the APPO negotiating commission said they requested protection from that federal office to avoid the arrest of 20 of its representatives, and make the dialogue progress.

They also demanded that Government Secretary Francisco Ramirez Acuña preside over the talks, and suspension of the arrests in Oaxaca and the Federal District.

APPO leader Jesus Lopez Rodríguez said that southeastern district is undergoing an unprecedented cruelty in the country´s history.

He denounced that the situation did not begin on November 25, when the worst clashes in Oaxaca´s capital happened, and said it worsens each time with operations by paramilitary agents under local Governor Ulises Ruiz´s command.

In addition, the Federal Preventive Police is also operating and there are illegal detentions.

He said the number of jailed has reached 226, and there are 60 missing people.

However, the people keep up the fight in the streets, faced with operations by the preventive police and state agents.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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