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Actualité - "DQ" Strategy of "homogenization" rejected by indigenous people!

Presently colonial governments worldwide are consolidating their power into "economic" blocks. For example, the U.S. is systematically amalgamating Canada and Mexico into one economic-political-military unit similar to the European community. Seven to nine units are being formed, such as in the Far East and South America. These blocks are controlled by small groups of people who sign agreements with each other without telling their citizens. This trend is taking over the world.

We the Indigenous People have never agreed to participate in this homogenization. In fact, we are going the opposite way. These corporate conglomerations cannot legitimately speak for the Indigenous people. We have never been asked if we want to disappear into the "stew" that is being created to develop a uniform humanity molded on a foreign model. We defend our right to determine who we are. We know when you boil up all the meat and vegetables, the scum rises to the top. We'd like to scoop that scum and get rid of it. In other words, no one asked us about being part of this imaginary potion that there is or ever can be only one kind of people.

These block controllers, we refer to s "blockheads", are worried about our resistance. We are arousing something unexplainable in other people. In the U.S. they proudly refer to the blending of many people from different origins as the "melting pot". In Canada it's called the "mosaic.

A lot of people in the colonial society refer to themselves as being humans from the "Heinz 57 variety", meaning they come from all kinds of backgrounds. What people actually want to say is, "I am of this national racial ethnic origin" and "this is where my ancestors came from". These people came together voluntarily to make a collective identity. These Heinz 57 chose to be Canadians or Americans or Mexicans, or whatever. The difference is that we never chose to become a part of this nonsense. Certainly many of us have multi-indigenous ancestry. Our unions and political migrations on Turtle Island have been voluntary. We did not voluntarily join colonial organizations!

The controllers would have us believe that everyone wants to go in that direction. Actually there are two directions, everybody else and Indigenous people. Because of our opposition to losing our identity, other people are starting to look at themselves. Most realize that we are attached to a particular part of the earth.

Just like us, at one time everyone was descended from people who were Indigenous to somewhere. Now they have become lost in the human confusion. They don't know who they are or where they belong. Loss of identity weakens them and makes it easier for them to be exploited. They may loudly declare their allegiance to the American flag or the Canadian state. How much of this is based on insecurity? These are political identities that can be changed. George Bush, for example, wants to be king of whole dung heap. Will there be any resistance?Haven't seen any yet!

People always wonder why we raise a stink about being forced by colonial policies to either assimilate or integrate. We have always complained about this. Our message hits home because deep inside of every human there is a need to say to themselves, "This is where I come from".

We are being put down because we are stirring up some kind of instinct of territoriality. The colonists want to know who they are and where they're from in the world. What is the reason for the restlessness of people who are not on their own land? Everybody is trying to find their roots.

Is this why they don't want to hear Indigenous voices? We are stirring up this unexplained desire in those who have been displaced. If a desire for a homeland is built into animals, such as elephants and salmon who return to their natural habitat, then is it not possible for humans to have the same longing?

This could be happening subconsciously. We ask, "Who are you?" Raising this question runs headlong against those with plans to control everyone. It's a lot easier for them to develop their strategies if everybody is the same and if everyone is so personally isolated that they have no one to call on when they are attacked. Anyone objecting to this strategy would raise flags. They would want to discredit us and turn everybody against us. This has been done to us for a long time. They never explain the danger they think we are posing.

The history of the controllers in Europe was to uproot young people, separate them from their families and the wisdom of their mothers. They sent them into the cities to die like flies. Sending them to Turtle Island was an extension of this pattern. Colonization first of Turtle Island and exploitation of the rest of the resources in the world is a manifestation of this process.

It is easier to dominate people when they don't know who they are. They want people to become psychologically and emotionally dependant on the impersonal organizations that are abusing them. They no longer have any connection to land. The land has become a place to rape and pillage leaving us to clean up after them. The destructiveness of the colonial society absolutely take our breath away with all their pollution. The original vegetation has been chopped down at least three times and the natural world has been destroyed. The land is scarred with abandoned mining enterprises that continue to pollute. In only a couple of centuries they have managed to completely wipe out resources that sustained our people for thousands of years. As their own scientists estimate, most fish species will collapse and disappear by 2048. The water has been poisoned. It's all about domination. What the hell do they think they are going to do on top of this sterile heap of rubble they are turning the earth into?

Destruction of our Indigenous identity and our connection to the land is the object of colonialism. It's been hard to do this to us because our connection to the earth remains strong. The peoples indigenous to Europe had already seriously damaged their connection almost beyond repair. Then they came over here to wreak their havoc on us and our environment.

For the last 500 years the colonists have been unsuccessful in separating us from our land except in their own imagination. Their constant attacks reflect their own feelings of inferiority to us. They are secretly afraid because we keep reminding them of what they've done to us and to themselves. They have detached themselves from their own identity. They are terrified of the vision they see of their own vile faces in the mirror. Many are lost souls wandering around trying to find themselves.

The foreigners came here to create a place for themselves. They had already soiled their own nest. They have soiled ours. It is all about profit, privilege and usurpation. At this rate the colonists will never be anything but empty identity less settlers. They have no feelings for us and ours because they don't know who they are. This could make them dangerous. They lash out at those who expose their weaknesses. We will always tell them that usurpation is never legitimate.

Colonialism is a regime of oppression for the benefit of a few. It is fascism. We indigenous people are an uncomfortable thorn in their conscience. They know full well their theories don't hold water. We are a constant reminder of this unfortunate fact. No they are not the font of liberty and justice. They are despotism personified. They are trying to imagine our land without us by teaching nothing about us in school except that we were here one time and are long gone.

When some of us suddenly emerge into the public conscience for resisting land theft like we did at Six Nations, the ignorant public is terribly uncomfortable. At the same time they want to identify with us because they want to have roots to the land too through us. Feeble attempts are made to shut us up. The irksome colonist does not really have the strength or the will to grab unless he does it at gunpoint. Put your guns away, kids. Don't you know that the natural progression is for us to take back what is ours? This is the best of times for us.

We are telling you that your controllers are lying to you. Don't listen to them. Don't let them shut down our voices. Learn to use yours. Your ancestors came here because they were disinherited in the same way you are trying to disinherit us. We can turn it around. We have an important message for you. We know you want to hear it. Believe us! No one has to be a bubble in the milkshake! *(DQ is "Dairy Queen", a popular ice cream franchise on Turtle Island. Some of us are "lactose intolerant". We have no beef with DQ as long as nobody forces us to eat their ice cream).

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