mercredi, novembre 08, 2006

Actualité - Israeli artillery shells residential area in Beit Hanoun killing 19 civilians

10 children, 7 women among dead

Beit Hanun- Israeli artillery fired several tank shells at a residential neighbourhood in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun early today, killing at least 18 members of an extended family, including 10 children, as they slept, health officials said.

The tank shells landed around a compound of four apartment buildings in Beit Hanoun, the northern border town that has been the latest focus of the Israeli offensive. Gaping holes were torn into the structures, owned by four brothers from the al-Athamna family who lived side by side. A large pool of blood collected in front of the houses, and stairs in an outside stairway were covered with blood.

Dr. Kamal Al-Assalai, director of Kamal Edwan hospital in Beit Lahia told reporters that more than 20 civilians were wounded and killed. He added, “Our hospital received more than 13 body and tens of causalities.

Asma al-Athamna, 14, an eyewitness told reporters that she and her family woke up on a sound of an explosion. Her mother quickly ordered everyone out of the house.

Abbas Condemns the shelling

In a press conference held early today in Gaza City, President Abbas strongly condemned the shelling and warned that Israel would have to "shoulder all the consequences for these crimes”.

Abbas told reporters, “Israeli does not want peace, security, or stability”. He added, “We must continue our national dialogue as it is the only way to face the continuous Israeli aggression against our people”. He added, “We can not go one with the dialogue-for-dialogue process, dialogue must be fruitful”. “This is no doubt a terrible, despicable crime that Israel has committed against our people," he told Palestine TV. "We tell the Israelis, you are not seeking peace at all, but are destroying all chances for peace. You must therefore bear all the consequences of these crimes”, said Abbas.


Five Palestinians executed in Jenin

Israeli occupation forces killed 5 Palestinians in Al-Yamoun village near Jenin City. According to eyewitnesses, the Israeli soldiers opened fire towards a house in the village and arrested four civilians who were executed later by the soldiers. The fifth was shot dead as he was standing in the balcony of his house.

(Palestine Media Center - November 7, 2006)

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