mardi, novembre 07, 2006

Actualité - Continue to Elaborate People's Platform - Vote Anti-War Candidates!

The broad anti-war stand of the people is being expressed in the 2006 elections in numerous ways. The voter's peace pledge circulated by many organizations and signed by tens of thousands, demands not only a speedy end to the Iraq war but also opposes all aggressive wars. It reflects not only the demand to end the Iraq war, but also the demand by the people to themselves decide the platform of candidates and to support only those candidates who defend that platform.

Consistent with this drive, various groups developed "peace voter" guidelines, listing their demands and insisting that candidates respond. These demands included: demanding an end to the Iraq war and no permanent bases in Iraq; opposing use of force and calling for negotiation and diplomacy for resolving international conflicts; opposing funding for new nuclear weapons and calling on the U.S. to reduce and disarm; opposing taking military action against Iran and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea; increased funding for social programs and reducing funding for the Pentagon and homeland security. These efforts in many states are a positive initiative to be continued and strengthened after the elections. They are an important part of the work among the people to build up their own mechanisms for selecting and supporting candidates, focused on elaborating the demands of the people.

Anti-war candidates standing with the people have also come forward in this election. They are representing not only the stand of the majority against war, but also the great anger the people have with the fact that the will of the people against war is not represented in Congress. Given the complex and difficult obstacles facing independents and small parties simply to get candidates on the ballot, the fact that a number of them are and that the small parties are welcoming them and assisting them is also an indication of the strength of the anti-war stand of the people. It also reflects the growing consciousness among the people that relying on their own efforts and selecting and supporting their own candidates is serving to politically empower them.

Among the demands advanced by the anti-war candidates in various states are:

- Immediate and unconditional U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan
- U.S. Hands Off Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Venezuela and Cuba
- End the U.S.-financed Occupation of Palestine
- Stop Domestic Spying and Attacks on Rights
- End police brutality and racist profiling
- No human being is illegal
- No fences at borders

The anti-war candidates are on the ballot in New York, Michigan, and elsewhere. The Voters' Guide in your area from the League of Women Voters lists all the candidates, including those of small parties and independents and includes their stands on the war. Get informed and vote for anti-war candidates!

(Voice of Revolution - November 6, 2006)

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