lundi, avril 30, 2007

Actualité - Eight U.S. troops killed in Iraq, for at total of 103 in April

Malgré le lourd bilan, les États-Unis poursuivent leur assaut en Irak pour "combattre le terrorisme". Sans crainte de sacrifier des vies humaines, le gouvernement américain s'enlise encore et toujours pour avoir un pied dans cette partie du monde et éventuellement la dominer.

BAGHDAD, April 30 (PL). — The U.S. Army this past weekend lost another eight soldiers in action against the resistance forces in this capital, raising the total of U.S. soldiers and officers killed in April to 103, it was announced on Monday.

Three of the eight died on Saturday in southwest Baghdad after a bomb went off, with another soldier injured, the occupation command stated.

That same day, but in the south, another soldier was killed by a roadside bomb, and two more were injured, while a fifth was hit by small-arms fire east of the capital, according to military reports.

Yesterday, three further members of the Multinational Division and a fourth were injured after a roadside bomb went off as they were patrolling eastern Baghdad, where an Iraqi interpreter was also killed.

On Sunday, the British Ministry of Defence announced the death of one of its soldiers in Al Ashar, a central district of Basra province in southern Iraq, after a patrol was attacked.
These casualties make April the deadliest for U.S. and British forces this year, with 103 and 12 deaths, respectively.

(Granma International)

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