mardi, avril 17, 2007

Actualité - Luis Posada Carriles must be tried for his crimes

La saga concernant Luis Posada Carriles est loin d'être terminée. C'est plutôt difficile lorsque certains, en l'occurrence les États-Unis, protègent ces criminels notoires en les gardant confortablement en sécurité dans ses frontières. Les criminels sont protégés et les immigrants honnêtes sont traités en criminels, trouvez l'erreur!

While in the name of combating terrorism, hundreds of thousands of people have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and others — arbitrarily detained — are being tortured in Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo, the United States government is protecting the most notorious terrorist in the Western Hemisphere, by trying to deceive public opinion with interminable pseudo-legal maneuvering, and refusing to try him for his real crimes.

Luis Posada Carriles was charged and underwent an unfinished trial in Venezuela for a 1976 attack on a civilian airliner that killed 73 people. After escaping from a Venezuelan prison in 1985, he worked for the CIA in what was known as its Iran-Contra operation, and in implementing the genocidal Operation Condor. Afterward, in 1997, he prepared a series of terrorist actions on hotels in Havana — in one of which the young Italian tourist Fabio Di Celmo was killed —, and in 2000, the plan to assassinate President Fidel Castro at the University of Panama.

In March 2005, Posada Carriles entered the United States illegally. It was only after reiterated public revelations exposing the presence of this criminal on U.S. territory that the George W. Bush government proceeded to detain and charge him with immigration crimes and false testimony, without the slightest reference to terrorism.

With the treatment they have granted to Posada Carriles, the U.S. authorities, under pressure from Cuban extremist groups in southern Florida, have shown absolutely clearly their double standards in their war against terrorism, in the name of which they torture, kidnap and bomb. At the same time, as has been denounced in numerous international forums and United Nations agencies, five Cuban anti-terrorist activists remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States, subjected together with their families to cruel and discriminatory treatment.

All honest people in the world who are speaking out against war and terrorism have before them irrefutable evidence of the lack of ethics upon which the current administration in Washington bases its actions. We demand that the government of the United States, in compliance with its international obligations, charge Luis Posada Carriles for all of his crimes or that it attend to the application for his extradition submitted by Venezuela, which to date has received no response.

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