jeudi, janvier 04, 2007

Actualité - The year begins with U.S. casualties in Iraq

Beirut, December 2 — The first two deadly casualties, one on Monday, and another on Tuesday, were acknowledged by the U.S. military command in Baghdad, which said in a press release that they were both caused by ambushes with explosives.

The communiqué, according to Prensa Latina, acknowledged that three other soldiers were injured during the second clash in a town southeast of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, where disturbances with an unknown cause occurred.

Likewise, the spokesman acknowledged the deaths of three civilians, which he justified by saying they were members of the Al Qaeda organization, the same description applied to six people killed on Monday in an attack on the offices of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue.

The president of that group, Saleh al Mutlaq, in Jordan, denied the U.S. allegations, and said that the six people killed were members of a family, including two minors.

It was also learned, via the Internet, that Izzat Ibrahim, designated chief of the Supreme Command in Iraq (without specifying of what organization), after the execution of former President Saddam Hussein on Saturday, called for “creating a united front of Jihad (holy war) and resistance.”

Ibrahim was the No. 2 man in Iraq under the Hussein government and is still free, despite a multimillion-dollar reward on his head offered by the United States for whoever can provide information leading to his capture.

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