mercredi, janvier 10, 2007

Actualité - Telesur Reporter Fears for Life

Bogota, Jan 10 (Prensa Latina) - Despite being freed for lack of evidence against him over the apparent crimes of rebellion and terrorism, Freddy Muñoz, a correspondent for multinational TV channel Telesur in Colombia, fears for his life.

The reporter was released on Tuesday after a prosecutor delegated to the Bolivar Department Superior Court revoked his detention as there was no evidence to keep him under arrest.

He noted that evidence against him was masterminded by the government, reminding that the witnesses and the attorney used to incriminate him are those who framed Sociologist Alfredo Correa, who was murdered a few days after proving his innocence and being released from prison.

Muñoz appreciated the solidarity and the support of the media, colleagues, Telesur leaders and members of non governmental organizations.

He was arrested upon arriving in Bogota on Nov 19, 2006, accused of rebellion and terrorism based on testimonies of three supposed ex-guerrilla fighters who identified Muñoz as the insurgent called Jorge Eliecer.

However, those accusers later admitted they were pressured by the Attorney Office to inculpate the journalist.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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