mardi, avril 17, 2007

Actualité - Correa triumphs with more than 80 percent of the vote

La victoire du président équatorien, Rafael Correa, au référendum constitutionnel exprime bien la volonté de plusieurs pays d'Amérique du Sud qui désirent se sortir de la corruption engendrer par des décennies de mauvaise gouvernance. Un autre pas vers une Amérique latine aux vertus socialistes.

The socialist Ecuadorian president’s proposal for a “yes” vote to holding a constituent assembly won more than 81% of the vote in a referendum with half the ballots counted, while “no” votes stood at just 13%.

The outcome not only confirmed what pre-election polls had shown, it also strengthened, with higher figures, Rafael Correa’s project. The socialist president’s proposal for a “yes” vote to a constituent assembly to reform the Constitution was at 81.235 of the vote, with half the ballots counted.

Meanwhile, the “no” votes stood at 13.03%, according to the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), on its web site. As of this morning, ballots had been counted at 52.14% of polling stations (19,235 of a total 36,873).

The count was showing a “yes” victory of 2,795,007 votes against 448,169 for “no.” Blank ballots totaled 24,454 and null and void ones numbered 173,073.Now, Ecuadorians are facing a new election in late October to early November: to select the 130 members of the Constituent Assembly who will draw up a new Constitution.

In a press conference after what was considered a victory for him, President Correa affirmed that the acceptance of the referendum was not “the victory of one man, but of the homeland.”
“As we said, the Ecuadorian people have learned to learn to trust in us; they have realized that we keep our word,” Correa stated.

(Granma International, traduit de El Mundo)

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