mercredi, octobre 25, 2006

Actualité - Oaxaca Convokes Peaceful Upraising

Mexico, Oct 25 (Prensa Latina) - The Popular Assembly of the Oaxaca Peoples (APPO) increased its political demands Wednesday and called for a peaceful insurrection on December 1 under the motto “Si Ulises no se va, Calderon no pasara (If Ulises does not leave, Calderon will not reach power).”

The assembly call refers to the inauguration of president-elect Felipe Calderon on December 1 and includes non-interference in the consultation today, where the local education union is deciding whether teachers return to classes.

Meanwhile, the APPO has given Gov. Ulises Ruiz 72 hours to resign or it would stage a state strike and roadblock on Friday.

Among the new APPO demands appear bringing the local governor before the Inspector General´s office for the crimes and killings against the social movement, and that the office revise last week´s senatorial refusal to eliminate powers in Oaxaca.

It also warns that the social movement will continue protesting and keep the sit-in and barricades even if educators begin the academic year.

Authorities stated that if teachers refuse to go back to schools, federal security forces would launch an operation to restore order in Oaxaca.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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