samedi, avril 29, 2006

Actualité - Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia Team up for ALBA

Franc-Parler publie une dépêche de Prensa Latina News Agency à propos d'une rencontre au sommet à La Havane entre Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez et Evo Morales. La Bolivie a annoncé qu'elle se joint à l'ALBA (Altnernative bolivarienne pour les Amériques).

Havana, Apr 29 (Prensa Latina) - Latin American integration will be boosted on Saturday when Bolivia joins the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), a solidarity project that has already born fruit for its founders, Venezuela and Cuba.

The new agreement, which reinforces the accord signed between Havana and Caracas one year ago today and makes the inclusion of La Paz official, will be signed on Saturday by Presidents Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales, at the end of a summit.

According to official sources in this capital, the pact comprises the ideas proclaimed by President Morales about the Peoples Trade Agreements (TCP, in Spanish), an initiative to counter the US-sponsored Free Trade Agreements.

The TCP is an integration model based on cooperation, solidarity and common will to move to higher levels of development.

It also aims to meet the needs and hopes of Latin American and Caribbean countries and to preserve their independence, sovereignty and identity.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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