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Actualité - The Empire and the CIA against Latin America [First Part]

Franc-parler publie une analyse de la New Colombia News Agency (ANNCOL) sur l'implication des Étas-Unis et de la CIA en Amérique latine. L'ingérence de l'impérialisme américain contre l'Amérique latine n'est pas une histoire récente. La doctrine Monroe adoptée par les États-Unis au milieu du XIXe ciècle visait à briser le colonialisme européen pour le remplacer par l'hégémonie américaine dans les Amériques. Actuellement, la lutte pour la souveraineté des nations dans les Amériques s'attaque directement à l'ingérence et à l'impérialisme.

Latin America, our Big Country, has always received all the social, economic, political and cultural problems that overwhelm the world; but the greatest and most serious problem that Latin America has to stand is United States of America and its imperial attitudes and behaviors.

The United States of America, since the decade of the nineties in the 20th century, has become the supreme power over the world. In its imperial role, the US aspires to master the world; and with that objective, it has designed a series of strategies that, in Latin America, are fulfilled in endless aggressions and intrusions, in unacceptable interferences and actions of the CIA, DEA, and other intelligence services which commit all type of violations and crimes against our nations, always with extraordinary cynicism and irony, on behalf of the freedom, democracy, and defense of human rights, values that had been manipulated in order to protect the American political and economic interests. For that purpose, the United States, through the CIA, has intervened directly in the electoral and democratic processes of Latin America. For that, they have developed a psychological war plan in the means of communication, and they have invested millions of dollars. In this way the US was opposed to the victory of Salvador Allende in Chile, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, and the same in Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, for example. To prove these affirmations, it is enough to see the pages of the Latin American newspapers or books written by American, Latin American, European and Asian.

These are the fundamental conclusions that appear in numerous studies, essays, analysis, magazines, social media and works accomplished by various documentation centers, American, European and Latin American Universities. Intellectuals, teachers and professors, politicians, social scientists, organizations of the civil society of different ideologies, and even ex agents of the CIA and personalities of the American administrations, inexorably, criticize the imperial activities and, in particular, the clandestine operations developed by agents of the intelligence services, ordered by the White House and by the economic and political power.

In our Latin America appeared governments that release hard battles to rescue sovereignty, independence and dignity. Those nations are: Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and others that are gradually joining them as Uruguay, Paraguay and sometimes Chile and Panama, while governments of the nature and pattern of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and almost all Central American and Caribbean countries maintain conditions like submission, humiliation and hopelessness because they decided to be aligned with the domination policies of the IMF, BID, and the CIA that has sowed misery, devastation and death in our countries.

In 1963, the American Central Intelligence Agency overthrew the President Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy and installed a dark Military Board that was characterized for disrespecting human rights: they incarcerated, exiled, and killed progressive and democratic Ecuadorians.

In 1981, according to the ex President Abdalá Bucaram and other people, the CIA sabotaged the plane in which was traveling the President Jaime Roldós and his retinue. Everybody died.

At present, the United States is pressing the Ecuadorian Government -with blackmails- for signing another agreement that would exonerate troops and civil Americans of war crimes, hurt humanity crimes and genocide before the International Penal Court. The impunity before detestable offenses, the impunity before the imperial terror is the United States objective.

The Agressions of the United States Against Latin America

This is like an endless story about horror and death. Men and women who were considered «dangerous» for the interests of the Empire have paid with their lives the boldness of denouncing the crimes, satires, and humiliations that were born in the overbearing and expansionary minds of the White House, State Department, Pentagon, or in the luxurious managerial offices of the powerful American companies with world domination pretensions, by means of the dollar and of the various forms of depredation of the natural resources of our nations.

The policy of the garrote, of the dollar and corruption, of the deceit and lie, of the embrasures and military aggressions, of the United States National Security, of the defense of the sacrosanct interests of transnational companies, of the cheeky interference in the internal matters of our countries, of the blackmail and the bribe or grafts distribution to governments, have been some of the imperial domination strategies which were reinforced after the World War II when, in 1947, the experts in espionage and national security, in military and geopolitical invasions, decided to create the Central Intelligence Agency -CIA- that it was a brainchild of the United States Law of National Security.

The CIA has become all over the world, in particular in our Latin America, the Crime International Agency. The CIA was staffed of extraordinary powers that infringed the United States Political Constitution. It has license to kill, conspire, destabilize governments, give coups d’état, destroy the economy of nations, teach sophisticated torture methods, incarcerate, pursue, and disappear people. It has experts in psychological war, massive destruction weapons, sabotages and terrorism, and weapons and drugs traffic.

It has a budget of million of dollars per year to destroy governments, support strikes, put pumps of high explosive power, buy consciences, put national and foreign agents on key posts of governments, buy spaces in means of communication to manipulate information and facts, to misrepresent and lie. It does not have moral and scruples when it has to liquidate its «enemies». The CIA is the clandestine arm of the Empire that «works» over the world by means of the woefully famous deceit operations. The CIA is a gloomy organization that sows death and destruction. In short, it is an organization of espionage, which is expert in violating human rights and freedoms.

There is no Latin American country that has not been a victim of some type of aggression by the United States of North America for more than a hundred times.

The Central Intelligence Agency -CIA-, with its deceit actions overthrew the President of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz in 1954, just because Arbenz became a nationalistic President who dictated social laws, specially the one of Agrarian Reform that prejudiced the interests of the United Fruit.

On April 28th 1965, Dominican Republic was invaded by the United States. Previously, the CIA had achieved to overthrow the legitimate government of Juan Bosh

Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador were the sacrificed countries before the sacred United States and transnational interests. Latin America became the stage of the United States campaign in against the «international communism». With that excuse, it organized coups d’état, established and protected fascist dictatorships, structured the restrictive policemen and armies that were not satisfied only with collective massacres, but also with cruelty in the tortures, in assassinations of innocent people, in the disappearance of thousands of men and women, of children and youths. The CIA and the FBI participated in the organization of the «Condor Operation», which during the fascist governments, was converted into a Crime International Agency of the dictators, which murdered and tortured thousands of men and women in our Latin America.

On September 11th 1973, the United States and the CIA unfettered the military coup that overthrew and murdered the President of Chile, Salvador Allende.

In the decade of the eighties, Central America was converted into the test field of the war of the United States against revolutions. Thousands of troops and agents of the CIA and the powerful Empire were displayed in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. By their own hand or by hand of mercenaries, they murdered and disappeared about 250 thousand of Central American people, according to conservative calculations from national and international human rights defending organizations.

In Nicaragua, they killed so much people that we will never know how many they were. With the pretext of combating the Sandinistas who overthrew the bloodthirsty «Tacho Somoza», they created the mercenary armies known as the «contra» and by means of those armies; they committed monstrous crimes against the Nicaraguan people. In order to pay the mercenaries and contras, the CIA mounted the infamous operation known as Iran-Contras that sold weapons to Iran in spite of the expressed prohibition of the United States Government and Congress. Then, they bought drugs to sell them to the American consumers. And with those earnings, they paid weapons, explosives, and salaries of the mercenary criminals who were destroying the Nicaraguan people.

With these facts, it is demonstrated the double moral of the Empire and its agents who fight «to defend democracy»; but in fact, they trample human rights and freedoms of all the nations.

In 1983, the small Granada Island was converted into a victim of the aggressive cruelty of the Empire. Previously, it was murdered the Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, naturally with the CIA participation.

In the Salvadorian case, it was demonstrated that the CIA had penetrated in the Venezuelan government of Herrera Campins who sent weapons and provisions to his homologous Napoleón Duarte, a man who belongs to the United States and the CIA.

In 45 years, Cuba has been victim and martyr of the imperial administrations and the dark CIA. It has sustained with heroism the genocide blockade, the navy invasion in Playa Girón, sabotages and all type of terrorist acts, even by using the chemical-bacteriological war which provoked the hemorrhagic dengue, the plague of the mildew of tobacco, and the swinish fever.

The Plan Colombia was elaborated during the government of Pastrana, naturally with the advising, strategies and orders of the Department of State, CIA, and the Pentagon. That Plan was «presented» to the United States government in a complete submission sample to the imperial power. Immediately, the government of Clinton delivered military and economic «help» in more than 3 billion dollars, which served to unleash the restrictive forces against the Colombian people. The justificatory pretext of that Plan was the combat to drug traffic. That excuse concealed the real premeditation of the Empire: to liquidate the guerrilla of the FARC-EP and the ELN.

The senators DeWine, Grassley, accepted the «Plan Colombia for Peace» and Coverdell that transformed it into a Project of Law S 1758, so that it could be discussed and approved by the United States Congress which was rebaptized with the name of Alianza Act.

That Plan, now increased with the «Patriot Plan» means the increase of violence, the limitation or loss of human rights, the militaristic expansion, the intensification of the armed conflict that has converted Colombia into a stage in which is developed a real blood, death and destruction orgy.

But the most serious thing about this situation is that the United States has converted Colombia into an immense military base with the participation of hundreds of Yankee troops, agents of the CIA and DEA. Gradually, the war is becoming international and they are trying to compel the Latin America armed forces to participate directly in the Colombian conflict and regionalize the war, in this way the Latin American people will defend the geopolitical interests of the United States in South America.

Haiti, the poorest country of Latin America is another recurrent victim of the imperial interventionism. The recent overthrow of the President Aristide that provoked the reborn of the military and paramilitary violence against the people, is product of a plan agreed in the summer of 2003 by the United States and France, affirms the journalist and French writer Thierry Meyssan in the Voltaire Net about the coup d’état in Haiti, quoted by the Cuban journalist Eduardo González.

The United States will create a new military base in Haiti named FOL that will be a complement to other centers that exist in the Caribbean, with all the portable platform elements of soldiers located by the Pentagon and the CIA in Aruba and Curacao. To these centers are added the military bases that the US has in Comalapa in the Republic of El Salvador, the Manta Base in Ecuador, and the installation of new bases for the Expeditionary Air Force in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and in the Amazonian Basin that should be connected with the Spatial War Center located in the Air Force base Schiever, in Colorado Springs, USA.

The final objective of the Empire is to control, in absolute form, this part of the world in order, to convert the Latin American nations into neocolonias, to force the concretion of the domination strategies, and, naturally, to be empowered of the natural resources and especially of the large water and oxygen reserves of the Amazon, in addition to make greater political and military pressures on our countries.

The Argentine journalist Carlos Fazio, quoted in an article or Liberation, supports that the measures, procedures and military and political actions are hidden with the support of the «ultraconservative Foundation Heritage, which has a great influence on the Republican Party and recommended to strengthen the paper of the South Command in The Caribbean before the ‘terrorist’ threat of Cuba and Venezuela.

However, as it happens with the Colombian Plan and the Andean Regional Initiative in South America, the FOL in Haiti will serve not only as a launching ramp of a contingent military aggression against Cuba and Venezuela, but also as a guarantor of the ‘security’ of Washington in the Gulf of Mexico which is rich in oil and natural gas».

The world knows about the horror of the wars and knows that each war of the United States is an absolute denial of the human rights, freedoms, sovereignty and independence guaranteed by the international law. Until when the world is going to stand the all-embracing presence of the Empire and its depredating raids all over the planet?

(New Colombia News Agency - ANNCOL)

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