samedi, avril 15, 2006

Actualité - UK Denies Anti-Iran Military Drills

Franc-Parler publie une dépêche de Prensa Latina News Agency rapportant des exercices militaires britanniques tenus en 2004 et qui feraient partis des préparatifs d'invasion contre l'Iran. Les dernières nouvelles à ce sujet sont très alarmantes, les préparatifs de guerre s'accélèrent avec une large campagne de désinformation pour préparer les conditions psychologiques à une invasion de l'Iran.

London, Apr 15 (Prensa Latina) - One year after the US-British occupation of Iraq, British troops simulated an invasion of Iran at the US military base Fort Belvoir, in Virginia, US.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw denies that British military simulated on Jul 2004 an attack on an imaginary Middle East country called Korona, similar to Iran, but a Defense Ministry source confirms it did.

The Guardian recalled that the information became public when Washington, claiming the production of WMD, called for sanctions of Iran and threatened the use of force.

Teheran has said it will not renounce its peaceful technology, namely used to generate electricity under supervision of the International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO).

IAEO President Mohamed El Baradei, following a visit to Iran, will submit a report to the UN on the Iranian nuclear program on May 28.

(Prensa Latina News Agency)

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