lundi, octobre 16, 2006

Actualité - Japan Can Never Evade Settlement of Its Past

October 16 (KCNA) - Japan has become more vociferous over the "abduction issue" after the emergence of a new Cabinet. Commenting on this, a Rodong Sinmun analyst Monday says: Japan should do what it should, instead of persisting in drum beating over the already settled "abduction issue".

Abe, the new prime minister of Japan, in his statement released upon the inauguration of the new Cabinet, expressed his intention to set up what he called "headquarters of measures on the abduction issue", while the new chief Cabinet secretary let loose a string of rubbish, claiming that the "abduction issue" should be discussed at the United Nations, too, and the opening of diplomatic ties between Japan and the DPRK was unthinkable without its solution. It is needless to say that this is intended to increase pressure upon the DPRK by internationalizing the issue.

The "abduction issue" over which the Japanese authorities are raising terrific outcries has already been solved. When it comes to this issue, it is a crucial matter over which the DPRK should file charges against Japan. Under the Japanese imperialists' military occupation and rule over Korea, well over 8.4 million Koreans were abducted and whisked away to be over driven at deadly battle fields and sites of backbreaking toil, at least one million of them meeting their death. And more than 200 thousand Korean women were abducted and taken away to be forced to sexual slavery for the Japanese imperialist aggression army.

In recent years, anti-DPRK organizations and figures of Japan, under the backstage manipulation and instigation of the plot-breeding centers of the U.S. and Japanese governments and right-wing conservative forces, have swarmed into areas bordering on the DPRK and threw espionage and subversive networks to be engaged in the whole gamut of malicious maneuvers against the DPRK while abducting DPRK citizens by mean and crafty means including appeasement and deception and taking them to Japan.

What Japan should do before anything else is to settle the crimes of the Japanese imperialists in abducting and taking away Koreans by force in the past and the issue of abduction of DPRK citizens in recent years.

However, Japan, like the guilty party filing the suit first, keeps raising a hue and cry over the "abduction issue," seeking to internationalize it.

One of the criminal purposes sought by Japan in persistently kicking up dust over the "abduction issue" is to divert elsewhere the concerns and alert of the international community against Japan's moves for becoming a military giant and launching reinvasion.

The pressing issue in the DPRK-Japan relations is for Japan to atone for its past crimes against the Korean people at an early date. Japan can never evade the settlement of the past. The Japanese authorities would be well advised to be aware of this and behave with discretion.

(Korean Central News Agency)

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